Rescues bashing other rescues

12 Mar

Yesterday, a local boarding facility/rescue posted names of individuals from another rescue who elected to euthanize some dogs that they had been boarding at that facility.

I don’t know the circumstances behind the euthanasia decision, but if those dogs were unadoptable, I don’t think we have any right to judge. I don’t believe that warehousing dogs is a good life for those dogs either.

We’ve seen long term residents in shelters go “kennel crazy”. Enrichment is critical to avoid kennel stress. I doubt a boarding facility with 30+ dog capacity and a limited staff (that also run a doggy daycare and training classes in addition to caring for their own “rescue” dogs) is providing the kind of enrichment necessary to keep these dogs living a decent life.

I guess my point is – maybe we shouldn’t throw stones, but rather WORK TOGETHER to figure out solutions in these circumstances. Rescues that cannot move these dogs to a foster home due to aggression or other issues have a limited budget. The dogs cannot live in boarding forever. I firmly believe that rescues have responsibility to the dogs they pull – but sometimes those dogs aren’t well and don’t exhibit their true nature until weeks/months after being in foster care. Let’s be honest – not all dogs would make a good pet for the average owner. Sometimes we have to make the crappy choices.

You know, instead of bashing another rescue for “doing it wrong”, maybe we ought to work together to find solutions in these situations. Perhaps the boarding facility rescue could have offered to transfer these dogs into their rescue, if they felt so strongly that they had an opportunity for adoption.

Again, I don’t know the circumstances behind the decision to euthanize these dogs, but I can’t imagine it was done lightly. What right do we have to judge? I certainly don’t think we have the right to post people’s names on Facebook when we don’t also post all the facts. It’s also telling to me that the leadership of the boarding facility rescue hasn’t responded to any of my offers to collaborate on solutions. Everyone can be accused of “doing it wrong”, now can’t they?

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