Menstrual cup – better for you, better for the environment

31 Jan

Warning – this post is about feminine hygiene products. If you’re squeamish, stop reading now.

We moved into our house in the “country” in February and were instantly catapulted into a variety of new homeowner situations. We belong to an electricity “co-op”. We have a propane tank. We aren’t connected to city sewer – we have a septic field. This means we have a septic tank with a series of perforated pipes buried in trenches in the yard and surrounded by gravel which dispose of the wastewater and organic materials that were broken down by the bacteria in the septic tank.

Having a septic tank means we have to be cognizant of what goes down the drain into the septic system. Lots of things are inappropriate for the septic system – too much detergent, bleach, too much organic waste (food), oil, etc. Remember, there’s bacteria doing amazing work but it’s limited to what it can “eat”. Feminine hygiene products – tampons – may be the biggest NO for septic systems. The bacteria can’t break down the material fast enough (or at all) and they can clog the pipes.

Thankfully, I considered this early and stopped flushing. Disposing of feminine products in the trash was also not a great solution. Then I read a review of menstrual cups by a friend and decided that might be the answer to my problems.

I admit, like I’m sure every girl in the world, I was a little grossed out by the idea. But then I remembered that hands can be washed. We come in contact with all sorts of disgusting things during the day – other people’s bodily fluids on doorknobs and telephones. If you think about it too long, you’ll never leave your house. But really, wash your hands with soap and hot water and it’s all good.

After the first day, I’m a total convert. No worrying about when I start my period and if I have enough supplies on hand. No worrying about packing things in my purse or suitcase to deal with it. No worries about leaking. No worries!


I do use Lunette cup wipes to clean my menstrual cup when I’m in a public restroom – since using the sink would be weird for me AND everyone else. Those fabulous folks at Lunette made those wipes biodegradable, so I don’t have to even feel guilty about that. Into the compost pile… or you can even flush it.

The price is a little steep when you first purchase your cup, but you realize quickly that it’s much more cost efficient in the long run. I hesitated at first because what if I didn’t like it? Not to worry. I don’t know anyone who tried one and didn’t like it. And after a couple of days, it’s so not a big deal any more.

More comfortable, cheaper, more natural for your body, no waste. Really – what are you waiting for?


3 Responses to “Menstrual cup – better for you, better for the environment”

  1. Katie January 31, 2013 at 5:24 pm #

    I love my Diva cups! I have two of them (thanks to a contest on Facebook!) and I keep one in a drawer at work in its little pouch and one at home. Like you said, no more worrying about if I have enough stash in my purse to get through the day. It’s always with me! I had been wondering for so long if there was an alternative to pads or tampons because of all the waste, and when I saw someone mention this, I was sold immediately. And if I happen to go longer than the recommended time between cleaning it out, it doesn’t really matter all that much. It doesn’t leak. I can wait until the next time I’m near a restroom. Did I mention I love this thing?

  2. Heather January 31, 2013 at 6:13 pm #

    Sounds great, however, I think I am still very VERY grateful for my Mirena and thankful that you were my chauffer the last time I had it switched out. I am quite happy that I have not had to deal with any feminine hygiene products for 8 years now.
    I don’t understand why disposing in trash is not a good option…I am sure they would be intgested way before they make it to a landfill. Most likely in front of guests.

    • Nichole H. January 31, 2013 at 6:14 pm #

      Bwhahahahahahaha. That’s exactly why the trash isn’t a good option. That, and I only empty the trash in the bathroom every couple weeks. Yuck.

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